24/7 world-wide access to the 6 forms of the Wing Chun system give the modern day practitioner unparalleled capacity for advancement unavailable to the martial artists of antiquity.

How To Use The Videos

As a member of the Chicago Wing Chun Club you begin with access to the foundational “Siu Nim Tau” form, which roughly translates to “Little Mind Fist.”

Think of this as learning choreography online; you’re learning a particular sequence of movements & postures.

When I move my left hand, you move your left hand. Do not mirror the video!

Watch the first couple seconds and follow along. Pause the video and try it yourself. Start the video back at the beginning and follow along. Let it go a little farther next time and pause it again.

Do this a little bit every day and very soon you will have the entire form memorized.

This is the point where you should make a video of yourself performing the Siu Nim Tau form.

What I’m looking for is you performing the right postures in the right sequence without missing any.

If you succeed, your membership level will be upgraded, and you will gain access to the next form’s video.