This is a list of the behavior and attitudes that are expected of everyone who joins the group. Failure to uphold these principles is grounds for disinvitation.

1. Safety First:

What good is training hard if it means you wind up injured for the next 9 months? Our goal is to train in a way that improves your health & well-being; not hurt it! The name of the game is cooperation and collaboration. We work with our training partners. If you have a physical condition that limits mobility, please let me know so we can find ways to accommodate.

2. No Fighting:

Training time is not fighting time. Learning happens when there’s trust and mutual collaboration. First we learn to crawl, then walk, then run. That means techniques are not practiced at full speed with full power. Control is paramount. Lack of control is grounds for immediate dismissal.

3. Do Not Disrupt Learning:

We are all spending our most valuable resource together; time. To distract someone from learning is to rob them of the value they’re trading their time for. As such, all members will respect themselves, others, and the instructor by paying attention and saving casual conversation for after training time.

4. Touch Is Optional:

There are a variety of partner drills we may do, and they’re essential for cultivating your skillset at a high level. If this makes you uncomfortable, however, don’t worry. If you don’t want anyone touching you, no problem. Participation in all activities is voluntary. If you don’t feel comfortable having someone engaging your physical boundaries, you have the right to opt out. With your right to not engage comes the responsibility to state your preference clearly; we aren’t mind readers. On the receiving end, if someone says they would prefer not to be touched, you are to immediately comply. Do not argue with them. Do not try to convince them. No is no.

5. No Drugs:

No smoking, drinking, or other mind altering substances are allowed. Training always has inherent risk, and drugs only make that worse. If you appear to be under the influence of a mind-altering substance, you will be asked to leave immediately.

6. Be On Time:

Show up late is showing no respect. Disrespect of yourself and others will not be tolerated. Once it becomes clear that you do not respect the dynamic, you will be asked to leave.

7. Observe Our Five Values:

Respect, Humility, Trust, Virtue, and Integrity are our guiding values. Maintain them at the highest levels at all time.