Chaos & Order

Compression & Tension

Yin/Yang, Rigid/Flexible, Integrity/Degredation

Life is the continual interplay of opposites; this is the essence of our dualistic nature.

The Daoists of old understood this as demonstrated by the ingenious imagery of the Yin/Yang.

Within each opposite is the seed of its complement.

Too much order will degenerate into chaos. From chaos can emerge new order.

Kung Fu

The wise kung fu master understands life exists on the razor’s edge between chaos and order, yin and yang, expanding and contracting.

If you’re too rigid when you need to be flexible, you lose. When you’re too flexible when you need structure, you lose.

Your opponent can only defeat you with what you give them.

Adhering too strongly to any one part of a duality will lead to your destruction, ironically, by what you’re trying to resist.

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