3 Elements to Manage

At the core, any effective strategy must be simple. If your strategy is too complex, there will be too many moving pieces to manage, and the likelihood of success drops exponentially.

Here are the three elements (in order of importance) you absolutely must manage in a dynamic situation if you want to make it out alive.


Cover the target; that’s all this is. Whatever your opponent is aiming for, protect it.

Don’t do anything fancy. No flashy moves. Just cover up. Protect the target.


Control distance. Do not allow your opponent space. Space is not your friend. Space means the opponent can maneuver.

Eliminate space, and eliminate the threat. He who controls distance, controls the fight.

This is referred to as “Ruler Distance.” How far away is your opponent?


If a ruler measures distance, a compass measures position. How far “around” are you from your opponent?

Do not stay in front of your opponent; that’s the danger zone. They can use all their tools here.

Cut angles. Move around them while you keep them in your danger zone.


That’s it. Protect yourself, control distance, and maintain proper positioning.

Manage these three elements, and you’ll make it through.

PS: We’ll be dive deeper into the basics of positioning in a future article on Static & Dynamic Centerlines. Stay tuned.

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