The Essential Ingredient

This is the absolute heart of self defense. Without this one, specific element, you’re never going to take the steps required to save your life from attackers, your friends, family, relationships, bad ideas, or yourself.

Here it is:

Righteous Indignation

Indignation is an interesting word that breaks down into two parts: the Latin prefix in- “not” and root dignus “worthy.” Basically, indignation is the natural response to something that is not worthy of your or your standards.

You have a right to control your mind, your body, and how you decide to use both. Absolutely nobody can lay claim to that which is yours. You get to decide who is and is not allowed within your confidence. Inside your sphere.

Whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is, there are people who are going to try to violate your boundaries, and you have a moral obligation to defend yourself from those who are not worthy of your time, attention, or energy.

Your daily practice of cultivating a better you for the benefit of yourself, those you love, and the world at large takes massive effort & focus. Integrity doesn’t happen by magic overnight.

And there are those who don’t care about integrity. About respect. About making the world a better place.

They are your enemy.

The instant they try to breach your domain, you have a holy duty to respond with

“How fucking dare you?!”

When It’s Lacking:
If you lack self worth, you won’t see what the big deal is. You’ll rationalize away the encroachments of people who lack integrity.You’ll allow people to waste your time. You’ll say yes to parties you don’t want to go to. You’ll say yes to favors you don’t really want to do. You’ll second guess yourself.

You’ll hesitate and it will cost you everything.

That’s why the study of martial arts is vital. It’s lethal to low self confidence. It teaches you the value of establishing, maintaining, and defending boundaries on a variety of dimensions.

Cultivate your self worth and recognize your divine rights and you’ll discover the noble fury that will save your life.

Without it you’re lost.

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