What’s Your Zero?

In the world of numbers, zero is a bit of an odd duck; it was created near the year 0, ironically enough, which seems peculiar.

Shouldn’t it have been a number since numbers were invented? Not neccessarily. In nature there are no zeros. You can’t point to what’s not there.

The only place things don’t exist is your imagination.

The smallest number of anything in nature is one. But that’s almost an impossibility, too, because where you see one thing, there’s bound to be two.

That’s why zero took so long to be invented. It’s a complete abstraction, which means it’s a pretty sophisticated concept for the Messopotamians who used it for the first time in recorded history in 4 BCE.

Properties of Zero

Zero possesses two fundamental mathematical properties.

  1. Additive
  2. Multiplicative

Addition Property

This means any number added by zero is the original number; there’s no change.

  • 5 + 0 = 5
  • 452 + 0 = 452
  • 345,196,390 + 0 = 345,196,390

Multiplication Property

Any number multiplied by zero is zero, no matter how big.

  • 2 × 0 = 0
  • 683 × 0 = 0
  • 1.9e10^78 × 0 = 0

Zero In Life

In your life you probably have a zero. When you try to evaluate your life, and add up everything, you probably don’t notice it because it makes literally no difference.

Sure, you’re missing out on something, but it can’t be all that much, right?

It’s only when you try to do something that you feel its impact. See, power is a function if multiplication. It’s force multiplied by velocity (which is speed multiplied by direction).

So if you have a zero in any part of that equation, the total result will be zero.

Lack direction? That’s a zero. Lack momentum? That’s a zero. Have no control over your force? That’s a zero.

Have no self control? That’s a zero. Have problems with relationships? That’s a zero. Can’t manage your money? That’s a zero.

If you’re having trouble moving forward, it doesn’t matter how incredible every area of your life is if you have a single zero anywhere.

Take an honest evaluation of your life and look very carefully for what you’re lacking; it’s tough to see something that’s not there.

But trust me, its effects can destroy amazing progress in your life; no matter how far you’ve come.

Your training will show you where your zeros are hiding. Pay attention.

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