Secrets of the Serpent

Snakes & Dragons

One of the most-repeated movements in the Wing Chun system is Heun Sau, or “Circling Hand,” and for good reason. It’s a fantastic way of out maneuvering your opponent, so it makes sense that you would practice the motion so much.

This video by the incomparable Roland Warzecha describes applications for the circling hand, and the serpent-like quality that a circling hand/sword/technique should have, and the importance of sensitivity to force when applying it.

Notice how he moves through Tan Sau, Bong Sau, etc as he flows through the Heun Sau motion. It’s a perfect illustration how the principles that govern combat have universal applicability; there’s no need for reinvention. Physics is physics everywhere across time, space, & culture!


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It’s the combination of the “straight line is the fastest route from A to B” (which is how an arrow flies) and the serpentine nature of indirect force that gave rise to our mascot:

The Snake & Arrow

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